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Special issues may be either themed around a topic that is particularly current or coincides with some event or conference. Special issues are considered to be good for the discipline for drawing attention to a particular topic. Special issues usually attract more attention than regular issues, as a consequence, the articles are often highly cited. The special issues can be categorized in the following 3 types :-

  • Conference Issue / Seminar Issue (Or any academic event Special Issue): Visit this link to know more and submit a proposal for Conference Special Issue.
  • Thematic Issue (Or Themed Special Issue): 
  • Sponsored Issue (Or Sponsored Special Issue): 

Special issues get handled by one or more guest editors in coordination with the journal’s editor(s). For some guest editors, this may be their first experience of editing a journal, so they may seek additional support and advice for-

  • Awareness of the standards used by the journal, including expectations for rigorous peer review and ethical behaviour.
  • Guidelines to appoint guest editors and reviewers along with production formatting requirements.
  • Editorial management (online submission and reviewing workflow) system.

If there are a relatively small number of papers in a special issue, the journal reserves all rights to merge issues together into an ongoing regular issue.