The post publication editing in published paper/article will be done on the request of the author.

Following conditions will apply for this purpose.

  1. The editing will be done within 2-3 working days.
  2. For editing of papers/article, the edited content should be provided by the author in due format with published paper/article in our Journal.
  3. Condition – 1 :   Any type of Corrections, Normal editing in the published manuscript file with same page numbers will be considered for same published issue.  (For Title spelling change or correction / Author name correction  or   removal / or in the contents modification  or  change),   need to submit Copyright and Undertaking forms   –     Processing fee which will be  Rs. 1000    or    $ 20  USD  for  each time an author asks for such revisions or modifications.
  4. Condition – 2 :  The author might have done more research and updated the paper substantially then the paper/article will be re-published as an updated version in the current issue.   The author  will have to pay the same – regular processing fee for publication that available on Processing Charge page.