National Conference on

‘Emerging Trends in Chemical Science’

9 th & 10th February, 2018

Poona college of Arts, Science and CommerceCamp, Pune, Maharashtra, India.



1 Synthesis and characterization of isomeric triplet drug type molecules containing pyridine and thiazole nucleus

Manjusha B. Suryawanshi , Amar A. Patil

ETCS001 7
2 Synthesis, Characterisation and In Vitro Antibacterial Study of Coumarin-Indole Hydrazones

Anees Pangal, Bajarang Desai, Bhutal Rajendra, Shaikh Shoeb, Shaikh Salman, Khursheed Ahmed

ETCS002 19
3 Synthesis of novel Pyrazole containing Thiopyrimidine Derivatives

Baseer M. Shaikh,2 Bhaskar S.Dawane

ETCS003 23
4 A Theoretical Study of the reactions of ●OH Radical with 8-Oxoadenosine

Avinash Singh Thounaojam

ETCS004 26
5 Effect of  Salt Stress On Garlic

Anand Jadar, Poonam Chetry

ETCS005 30
6 Evaluation Of Effect Of Drought Stress On Allium cepa

Poonam Chetry, Anand Jadar

ETCS006 37
7 A Quantitative Structure–Reactivity Assessment of Iodination of 2-Nitrophenol and 4-Nitrophenol Using Molecular Iodine in Aqueous Medium Via Green Route By Hydrodynamic Voltammetry

V. T. Borkar, V.T. Dangat, A. J. Raut, J. B. Kale and P. P. Palresha

ETCS007 41
8 Synthesis and  Structural Studies on Polypyridine Coordination Compounds of  2-(Aryl)Imidazo[f]1,10- Phenanthroline with some metal ions

Shaikh Khaled, Shaikh Kabeer Ahmed, Kamble N. R.

ETCS008 44
9 Efficient Synthesis Of 2,4,5 -Triaryl imidazole : An Anti-inflammatory

Arshia Parveen, Shaikh Kabeer Ahmed

ETCS009 48
10 Green Chemistry Approaches are the Need  of the Hour

G.M.Nazeruddin, Sanakauser R.Shaikh, Vasi Ahmed E. Shaikh

ETCS010 54
11 Review Article of Metal Oxide Electrode Materials for Supercapacitor Application

Saima G Sayyed,  Arif  V Shaikh

ETCS011 60
12 Physico Chemical analysis of Well Water in Kothure Village-Niphad-Nashik-Maharashtra (India)

Pratiksha D. Garud, Sonali D. Garud

ETCS012 66
13 Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentration in Well Water from Mithsagare Village, Nashik, Maharashtra

Birari Minakshi D.,  Garud Pratiksha.D

ETCS013 74