We welcome scholarly educationalists/expert from different disciplines to join us as well as put their efforts to put research paper and scholarly articles from their group/colleagues.

The registered experts will receive the sort listed articles for review. We hope to get the assistance of the reviewers in making the publication smooth and beneficial to the community of the scholars and researchers.

Criteria to Join our Editorial Board :–  [ Must have Doctoral Degree (Ph.D). from reputed University/Institution ]

Associate Editor – Minimum 10 years of Exposure in Research work and Teaching field with more than 50 publications. Associate Editors have to take final decision of reviewed articles with comments.

Reviewer – Minimum 5 years of Exposure in Research work and Teaching field with more than 15 publications.

Reviewer should review and send the review comments in due time period. If the article is not in your area of interest then revert back to editor so that the other reviewers can be approached.


  • You can add your role as an Editorial Board Member for IJRCS.
  • This work helps to add in and provides a better way to create your identity as a well-known expert in your field and may lead to increased invitations to speak at conferences or demand for invited research of your specialized area.
  • You will be among the contributors who will shape and decide the ways as required with changing societal needs.
  • Your ideas and subject inputs may help in arranging conference/ seminar / symposium or special issues as per topics of your interest and choice.
  • You will come across the latest research before everyone else and gives you a position of leadership in your research community.
  • You will work for the benefits of research community, your presence and support will enhance our morale for serving the society through sharing of knowledge free of charge and making your expertise and experience known to the world.
  • The editorial board member gets 50% discount to publish articles as an author, or co-author, or article submitted for consideration.

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