Date: 10th March 2018

JOSEPH ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE,    Thirunavalur, Villupuram District. Tamil Nadu



1 Cloud Robotics and Its Applications – Dr. M.Angel Jasmine Shirley NCMCR001 1-5
2 Performance Analysis And Reliable For Fountain Coded Cooperative Communications For Lte-Aconnected D2d Network- B.Kopperundevi NCMCR002 6-10
3 An Efficient Way Of System Exploitation – Green Computing Technology – Dr.C.Bhuvaneswari,  N.Rajkumar NCMCR003 11-13
4 A Boon Of New Trend Agriculture Through Iot –     K.Chockalingam,  K.palaniappan- NCMCR004 14-18
5 Implementation Of Network Security In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Multilevel Encryption Techniques – Mr. P. Daniel Sundarraj ,  Dr. K. Arulanandam NCMCR005 19-23
6 Spontaneous Saline Level Monitoring Management System –  A.Deivanayaki,  R.Rajakumari NCMCR006 24-26
7 Overlay Architecture For Throughput Optimal Multipath Routing – Devipriya N NCMCR007 27-29
8 Office Maintenance –  Searching Algorithm – D.GANESAN NCMCR008 30-32
9 Innovation sense Wireless Sensor Networks protocol For Iot –  S.Jeevarathinam NCMCR009 33-37
10 Hiv/Aids Epidemiology Model; Bayesian Inference – N.JohnBritto NCMCR010 38-46
11 A study on certain flow shop scheduling problem with make span criterion – S.karthikeyan NCMCR011 47-52
12 Proposed Techniques For Effective Query Processing Results In E -Learning Applications Using Data Mining Algorithms – P.Hariharan,  Dr.K.Arulanandham NCMCR012 53-55
13 Locality Of Sensitive Hashing Management For Parallel And Distributed Search Engine Record – R.Sindhuja NCMCR013 56-60
14 Achieving High Quality Shadowless Images By Shadow Free Region Enhancement Algorithm – S.SIVARANJANI,  P.AISWARIYA NCMCR014 61-66
15 An Efficient Tracking System For Women Safety Using Iot –  SARANYA.S,   S.Daisy Fatima Mary NCMCR015 67-69
16 Combining Internet of Things and Cloud Computing using Wireless  Sensor Networks – Saravana Kumar.J NCMCR016 70-76
17 Power saving energy efficient routing protocol (ee-bwa-aomdv) in manet – Dr.T.Sivaraman NCMCR017 77-81
18 A Unified Approach Using Secured Cryptographic Schema By High Performance Over Mathematical Series For Stream Cipher Using Structural Symmetric Key – Ms.L.Sugirtha NCMCR018 82-89
19 Study An Efficient And Effective Resource Utilizer Using Distributed Cache For Cloud Environment – T.Kirthiga NCMCR019 90-95
20 Avoidance Network Coding Neighbor Discovery Algorithm For Cognitive Radio Networks –  S.Udhayakumar,   Dr.S.Pradeep Gnanam NCMCR020 96-102
21 Preventing Denial of Sleep Attack in Wireless Sensor Network –  N.Vidhya, Dr.P.Sengottuvelan NCMCR021 103-106
22 Handling Speech Sensation on Machine –  A.Deivanayaki M.Vikram NCMCR022 107-113
23 Developing On Data Security In Internet Of Things –  M.Balamurugan,  S.Stephen NCMCR023 114-115
24 Goods and Services Tax In India – A Positive Reform For Indirect Tax System –      Dr.N.BALRAJ,   . Dr.M.VETRIVEL NCMCR024 116-120
25 Training Needs Competencies For Kuriniji Education Trust – L.Dhanasakaran ,  Dr.G.Vani NCMCR025 121-125
26 Implications Of Non-Financial Performance Measures In Indian Banks – Dr. Chand Tandon NCMCR026 126-134
27 Impact of Cultural Issues on Globalisation – Dr.K.Sudha NCMCR027 135-137
28 Working Performance of the Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) in Western Ghats District of Tamil Nadu- An Empirical Evidence – Dr.P.Selvaraju NCMCR028 138-141
29 Money Demonetization :  An Overview –    Prof.J.Lilly,  Dr.M.Prathapan NCMCR029 142-146
30 Organisational Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction Of Teachers In Higher Learning Institutions – ROUVIER SABRINA MARIE NCMCR030 147-151
31 Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Improving Students Academic Achievement n – Mrs. B. SHANKARDEVI NCMCR031 152-156
32 A  Study On Savings and Investment Behavior Ofschool Teachers At Cuddalore District –      G.UMA NCMCR032 157-160
33 Farmers’ Perception and Awareness Towards Crop Insurance In Villupuram District –     V. Geetha   NCMCR033 161-164
34 “Energy level and stress level of lecturers in private colleges in cuddalore district, tamil nadu” –    Mr.R.Vallal Raja,    Dr.M.Ganesh Babu NCMCR034 165-170
35 A Study On Quality Of Work Life And Social Security In New Generation Commercial Banks –     N. Vincilin, Dr. S. Ananda Natarajan NCMCR035 171-173
36 Silas marner the influence of “pure, natural human relationships,”  –  A.Carolina Mary NCMCR036 174-177
37 Dalit Faced Their Problems In Mulk Raj Anand Coolie  –    T.Martin Jayasri,  Dr.Male Venkat Reddy NCMCR037 178-180
38 Feminism In Arundhati Roy’s The God Of Small Things  –   N.Stellamary NCMCR038 181-183
39 A Study Of Realism, Myth, And Feminism In Chitra Banerjee Selected Novel  –     G.gurubaran, NCMCR039 184-187
40 Divine Encounter In The Poems Of Sri Aurobindo Ghose And St.Teresa Of Avila –     P.Jona Park, NCMCR040 188-190
41 A Humanistic Portrayal Of Men And Women In The Poems Of Shiv K.Kumarand Jayantamahapatra – Dr.Rita Shantha Kumar NCMCR041 191-193
42 The Poverty In Mulk Raj Anand Select Novel Untouchable  –  R.Manogari, NCMCR042 194-196
43 Womenism In The Dark Holds No Terror & That Long Silence By Shashi Deshpande’s Work –   D.Niranjanadevi, NCMCR043 197-200
44 The Plight Of Women As Shown In Bapsi Sidwa’s The Pakistani Bride –    A.VIOLET PANGAJA BAI, NCMCR044 201-203
45 “A study of gestation, theme in sense and sensibility novel by Jane Austen” –    Mr.J.Bharanivel , Dr.Male Venkat Reddy NCMCR045 204-207
46 Tradition And Culture – Tameem Basha NCMCR046 208-212
47 Groping In Chaos: A Reading Of Girish Karnard’s Play Hayavadana – Mr.K. Kaviyarasan NCMCR047 213-217
48 Indian Cultural Issues In Selected Novels –   P.SREELEKHA, NCMCR048 218-219
49 Religion  Intended  Punitive  Measures  To  Upgrade  Values  And  Their  Contemporary  Results –    T. Dulcet Delina, NCMCR049 220-223
50 Realism In Women In Indian Society – ZABIULLUAH, NCMCR050 224-227
51 Gender Prejudices Faced By Dina Dalal In Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance –    G. MANGAILAKSHMI, Dr. S. AYYAPPA RAJA NCMCR051 228-230
52 Examine The Gothhic Portion In William Faulkner’s Selected Novels –  Mr.S.Manikandan & Dr.J.Kiran kumar NCMCR052 231-235
53 The Women’s Voice In Hayavadana Girish Raghunath Karnad –  Giftlin Rubia, NCMCR053 236-239
54 A Scrutiny Of Friendship Works By Ralph Waldo Emerson – R.Saranya, NCMCR054 240-243
55 The Chinese Literature With Struggles Of A Young Graduate Student, Jian Wan In The Creazed Novel About Ha Jin – M.Sharmila NCMCR055 244-245
56 Evolving Of Riot Trauma And Ecological Conversation In Amitav Ghosh Novels – C Saranya NCMCR056 246-249
57 Male domination and stereotype Indian women in Githa Hariharan’s “the ghosts of vasu master”-       J. Jenifer Nancy NCMCR057 250-252
58 Women Emancipation From Dependence To Independence In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple –     K. Balu, NCMCR058 253-254
59 Parllel feministic presupposition of women in western society from the prespective of atwood’s the handmaid’s tale –   G.priyadharshini NCMCR059 255-257
60 The Accomplished For The Rhetoric Contrivance To The Higher Secondary Level Students –    A.C.Poyya Arulmozhi Valavan NCMCR060 258-259
61 Beyond Ordinary Understanding: A Comparative Study In Bram Stoker And Indira Soundarrajan’s Select Novels –  Dr. B. SANKAR NCMCR061 260-267
62 Existential Predicament In Arun Joshi Select Novels –    A.Jegan NCMCR062 268-272
63 Tumultuous Characters Suppress The Meek And The Humble With A Support From The Society –  Khal   Ed Hosseini and Bapsi Sidhwa Prove The Existence Of Such Characters –  S. Sreevidhya,    Dr.C. S Robinson NCMCR063 273-275
64 Violating Woman’s Virtues In The Patriarchal Society  –   G.Ramesh Banu, Dr. CS. Robinson NCMCR064 276-278
65 William Wordsworth’s Concept Of Poetry: An Analysis Of Preface To The Lyrical Ballads –    S.Florence NCMCR065 279-280
66 Some Easy Techniques To Improve Communication In English When One’s Mothertongue Is In The Background  –  K.Sharmila Jane NCMCR066 281-286
67 Keats Was A Tuber As A Postcolonial Play – Raju Parghi NCMCR067 287-289
68 The Relation Of Fathers And Daughters In The Novel Disgrace By J.M Coetzee –    R.Elavarasan NCMCR068 290-291