If the withdrawal is within the 5 days of submission, the author is allowed to withdraw the manuscript without paying any withdrawal fee. however, if authors withdraw manuscripts any time after review-acceptance and publication, a withdrawal fee will have to be paid.

RCSP Journals will provide the author with a formal letter of Manuscript Withdrawal. Withdrawal of manuscripts is only allowed after the withdrawal charge has been fully paid to the RCSP Journals by the authors or conference organizers.

Manuscript Withdrawal:

To withdraw an article/paper from the journal is against the copyright of the journal that the author had signed earlier during the submission of all supporting documents for the purpose of publication in the journal. 

We ardently believe that all authors undertake following precautions before submitting the manuscript to any journal:
  • The manuscript is free from copyright infringement.
  • The manuscript submitted by the author has consent of all the authors in the group.
  • In some cases students/researchers do not take prior permission from their guides and professors before sending/submitting their manuscripts in journals.
  • The manuscript is not published either partially or completely in any form, in any other Journal.
  • Manuscript is properly withdrawn from any previous publisher.
  • Manuscript is not submitted to any other journal at the time of submission to RCSP Journals.
  • Manuscript is not a redundant publication i.e., publishing many similar manuscripts based on the same experiment.

Manuscript withdrawal charges :   Rs. 1000/- INR for Indian Authors   OR   $ 20 USD for any abroad Authors. 

Send the form with withdrawal charge payment slip copy to the Editor’s Email. 

Withdrawal Form : 

NOTE:   After withdrawal,  published file and certificates will be considered as cancelled – removed from Journal website and our databases,  Authors can not officially use certificate of withdrawn paper/article provided by journal.   We do not take responsibility for removal from other open web portals – indexing – search engines.    Author can submit again as a new – fresh manuscript in future.     On ‘Approval of withdrawal’ –  Email will be sent to the author by the journal editor.

Author can still continue to publish other manuscripts with RCSP Journals provided they follow the journal submission guidelines.