Our team of editorials and web technician take utmost care to ensure that the published papers in the journal are available through various online search engines and authors are open to upload the published paper/article on database collections like Scribd, Mendeley, ISSUU and Internet Archive.  Our indexing helps you in getting recognized for your paper in minimum possible time. Indexing of journal is depends as per indexing agencies services and consideration. 

Our published papers/articles can be indexed in the Google, Google Scholar to ensure that millions of the scholars and researchers read your paper and gain an insight into the topic that your paper deals with. Our open access policy ensures that anyone can access your article free of charge from the journal website and use them with due reference which further ensure that your research is going to add more value to the upcoming researchers. Google crawler sometimes merging archives with other related authors and articles, so journal / editor, reviewer does not take any responsibility for it. 

We are working for the benefits of the researcher community and scholars who wish to make their research paper easily accessible to the millions of the people and avoid getting their papers locked in the database of the traditional style of the journals.

If you are ready with your manuscript, then our journal is going to provide you a platform from where you can reach out to the world standing on the shoulders of the researchers and scholars who have been supporting our venture for making the scholarly articles freely available to the community of the researchers and scholars of the developing countries.