Conference/ Seminar Programme

Conference/seminar Programme is one of the excellent services offered by International Journal of Research Culture Society (IJRCS) that is uniquely intended to support the researchers and conference organizers to getting publish papers  in special issue of  IJRCS. We provide conference organizers a privileged platform for the publishing of research work presented in conference proceedings. We also invite Collaborations and partnerships with academic institutions / Universities for regular organization of Conference/ Seminar / Workshops .

IJRCS also organize NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE/SEMINAR in collaboration with academic institutions, organizations, university, etc. and publish its papers as well as proceedings.

We provides technical support and help for the administration, promotion and publication of conference / seminar / workshop.

Our organization is dedicated for the promotion of research work  related activities and publication.

The following will be the benefits of the collaboration.

  1. Organizing institute can invite our expert member as a key notes speaker / guest member.
  2. The research papers accepted and presented in the event will be eligible for publication in special issue of the journal.
  3. We provide full soft copy in PDF Form and Author wise certificates with our ISSN No. to all Research papers/articles presented in conference/seminar as a Special Issue. (On demand with Pen-drive/Card*)
  4. The processing fee for publication of such articles/Proceeding Papers will be given concession ( 50% to 75%) on quantity.
  5. The published papers will be indexed in Google Scholar, Academia, Internet Archives and other open database this will give a lifelong benefits to participants of the conference as their papers will be counted as research papers for Academic Performance calculation in future.
  6. You will be able to use our logo and banner in your advertisement and promotion of conference which will enhance the value of your conference/seminar.
  7. We also provide special issue book copy with ISSN / ISBN (with extra printing cost). 

If you are a conference/seminar organizer and planning to organize at National / International, then you need to send the conference/seminar details at –    /

  • Institute or Organization Name, Address, Contact Number, Email IDs, Coordinator/Director details.
  • Theme – sub themes of conference / seminar. ( Brochure, Leaflet )
  • Conference/Seminar Dates (If you have finalized the dates or tentative month/year).
  • City/Country where this conference is going to held.
  • Website Link, if you have a conference website.

Guidelines for Conference/Seminar Organizers:

Once the conference/seminar is approved by the board members, we’ll notify the organizer via email/phone. Please make sure you follow the instructions as per journal guidelines: Follow these norms. 

  • Mention ‘Research Culture Society’ as co-sponsor in Banner/web link  and IJRCS  with ISSN as publishing partner (In brochure/leaflet/promotion material)  for your conference/seminar. 
  • All the papers should be in IJRCS format. ( Special issue paper format will provides after confirm agreement)
  • For collaboration memories – Organizing Institute has provide us memento, certificate and to invite one of our committee member as a guest representative with providing expense of traveling as well as other accommodation. (cost limit – not more than 2000 INR)

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