Volume: 2 | Issue: 11 | Published in : Nov – 2018

201811001 Why Health Insurance is important in India:  A Study  –  Dr.G. Suresh Babu, Dr. C. Sreeramulu, adobe-pdf-icon 1-8
201811002 Chopsticks Is a Divine Art of Chinese Culture  –  Md. Abu Naim Shorkar adobe-pdf-icon 9-11
201811004 Yapaniya Sangha During The Rule of Chalukyas of Kalyana   –  Dr. Nutan S. Desai adobe-pdf-icon 19-22
201811005 Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs at Elementary  Stage in Himachal Pradesh  –    Dr. Sita Negi,  Anju Sharma adobe-pdf-icon 23-27
201811006 FLOW AND HEAT TRANSFER OF A NANOFLUID OVER A NONLINEAR STRETCHING SHEET   –  P K Pattnaik,   N Mishra adobe-pdf-icon 28-37
201811008 Guru Ravidas and His Thought.   –   ZAHIED REHMAN GANIE. adobe-pdf-icon 42-44
201811009 Leadership Trait Analysis in Foreign Policy   –   AABID MAJEED SHEIKH, AQIB MUHAMMAD SHEIKH adobe-pdf-icon 45-52
201811010 A study to assess the effectiveness of selected nursing interventions on the level of postpartum depression among mothers in a selected hospital, Tamil Nadu   –   Dr. S. Usha,    Dr. M. Gandhimathi, adobe-pdf-icon 53-59
201811011 Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectroscopic Analysis of Oil Extracted From Freshwater Edible Magur Fish (Clarias Batrachus) From Marathwada Region  –  Vishal Ladniya,  Mohammad Moaviyah Moghal , Mazahar Farooqui,   Vidya Pradhan adobe-pdf-icon 60-64
201811012 Casual Relationship and Volatility of BSE Index with special reference to Indian stock market   –  Dr.S.Baranidharan, Ms.N.Dhivya adobe-pdf-icon 65-73
201811013 A study to assess the postmenopausal symptoms and quality of life among working women and homemakers in a selected area of Dehradun   –   Ms. Rebecca Priti,  Ms Priya J.P. Narayan,     Ms. Sanjenbam Emon Chanu adobe-pdf-icon 74-77 
201811014 THE  RAJA RAJESHWARA TEMPLE:  A TEMPLE OF  EXCELLENCE    –  Ankam Jayaprakash adobe-pdf-icon  78-80
201811015 Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Mortar with Varying Constituents  –  Thinn Thiri Soe,    Dr.Khin Su Su Htwe adobe-pdf-icon 81-88 
201811016 Ultra Sonic Wave Propagation Properties of GFRP Hybrid Composite with Nano Fillers –  Mohd. Minhajuddin Saif,     Dr. D.V. Ravi Shankar and   Dr. M. Manzoor Husain. adobe-pdf-icon  89-92
201811017 Impact of ICT on LIS professionals: A study of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith in Uttar Pradesh –    Mr.Yogendera Nath Pandey adobe-pdf-icon 93-96
201811018 Olympia’s Maid and the Oppositional Gaze: Reclaiming the Subjectivity of the Black Female  –  Sohail Hoda adobe-pdf-icon 97-102
201811019 A study to Assess the Knowledge on Cervical Cancer and its Prevention among Women Residing in a Selected Slum of Noida and to Develop an Informational Pamphlet on Cervical Cancer and its Prevention  –   Anshu Tomar,  Ravi Kulal adobe-pdf-icon 103-107
201811020 Role of Education in human capital of Pakistan   –  Syed Naveed Hussain Shah,  Rizwana Siddique,  Haseeb ur Rehman adobe-pdf-icon 108-112



Special Issue of the   1st International Seminar on

Relevance and Utility of Yoga Education in Present Scenario:



17th & 18th February, 2018

                           Bundelkhand Degree College, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi,                                     Uttar Pradesh, 284003, India.



Sr. No. TITLE  –  AUTHOR Paper ID Page  No
1 Yoga as a tool in peace education  – Dr. Shilpi Sharma RUYEPS001 1-4
2 Yoga Education for good mental health: A Review paper  –  Deepti Kumari RUYEPS002 5-7
3 Yoga heals: The art of living a healthy life  –  Akanksha Avasthi RUYEPS003 8-12
4 Study of difference in the academic achievement of students who do not and do yoga in urban and rural schools  –   Seema Kushwah, Rita Sharma RUYEPS004 13-15
5 Effect of Six Weeks Yogic Practice on Mental Toughness of Football Players of Jhansi  –  Dr. Upendra Singh Tomar RUYEPS005 16-18
6 Effect of dynamic Suryanamaskar on cardio respiratory endurance and explosive strength of university players  –  Gupta Sachin , Babele Rajeev RUYEPS006 19-22
7 Comparative effect of Yogic Intervention Strategies on Very Low-Density Lipoprotein:  A Pilot Study   –   Dr. Diwakar Pal RUYEPS007 23-25
8 Yoga for educational stress management  –  Monika Sharma RUYEPS 008 26-29
9 Comparison of flexibility status among players of individual sports  –  Shrikant Dangi,  Priyanka      RUYEPS009 30-32
10 Study on physiological profile of female yoga players of M.P. state, Gwalior   –  Priyanka Dangi , Shrikant RUYEPS010 33-36
11 Comparative Study of Teaching Methods between Traditional and Modern Yoga  –  Vikas Singh,  Akhilesh Singh RUYEPS011 37-40
12 A comparative study on stress level of female yoga practitioners and sports persons  –  Nabanita Sarma, Sushmita Chaudhuri ,  Priyanka dangi RUYEPS012 41-43
13 Yoga- the treatment for emotional imbalance  –  Dr. Deepshikha Mittal RUYEPS013 44-46
14 Yoga the driving force for life  –  Dr. Shubha Jha RUYEPS014 47-49
15 Impact of yoga package on conflict of school students  –  Ms. Pratima Vashishtha RUYEPS015 50-56
16 Static & Dynamic yoga posture practice for fast bowlers in a physiological prespective   –   Ajay Kumar,   Dr. Birendra Jhajharia RUYEPS016 57-59
17 Application of yoga to enhance academic performance   –  Dr. Kavita Agnihotri RUYEPS017 60-61
18 Effect of suryanamaskar on serum cholesterol in normal healthy volunteers –   Gyan Prakesh Arjeria RUYEPS018 62-63
19 Role of yoga in educational organisations  –  Dr. Sushma Agarwal, Dr.Madhu Shrivastava RUYEPS019 64-68
20 Yoga and Positive Psychology   –  Mini Jain,  Dr.Smita Jaiswal RUYEPS020 69-72
21 Concept and Relevance of Yoga in Teacher Education  –  Vibha Yadav RUYEPS021 73-75
22 The impact of multimedia on the enhancement of yoga education  –  Dr. Shailja Gupta, 2Nidhi Sharma RUYEPS022 76-77
23 The Relevance of Pranayama for Mental and Physical Health  –  Ram  Karan Luhar RUYEPS023 78-82
24 Yoga, mental health and patanjali yog sutra  –  Mehboob Hussain, Madhumita Hussain RUYEPS024 83-88
25 Academic achievement, Parental expectation and Effect of Yoga on Adolescences  –  Deepika Kushwaha,  Dr. Taresh Bhatia RUYEPS025 89-93
26 Impact of yoga in education and among the student community   –  Chandni Shukla RUYEPS026 94-96
27 Relevance and Utility of Yoga Education in Present Scenario  – Smt. Seema Tripathi RUYEPS027 97-99
28 Analysing the effect of two types of recovery protocol on lactate level in sub-maximal intensity cycling  – Rekha Ningthoujam,  Rajarshi Gayen,   Prof VK Srivastava RUYEPS028 100-103
29 Yoga and its Benefits for Higher Educational Achievement  – Anuradha Sharma RUYEPS029 104-106
30 Importance of yoga and meditation in improving lifestyle  – Janmer Singh RUYEPS030 107-110
31 Yoga Education: An Initiative in Two-Year B.Ed. Programme   –  Payal Agarwal RUYEPS031 111-114
32 Importance of Meditation and yoga in Improving Life Style   –  Prof Aditya Narayan Tripathi RUYEPS032 115-116
33 Changing attitudes of college girls in society and role of yoga  –   Rashmi Jaiswal, Prof. Divya Singh RUYEPS033 117-120
34 Yoga Education for mental health and peace  –  Dr. Sushil kumar Singh Gautam RUYEPS034 121-125
35 Importance of yogic life style to attain state of wellbeing   –  Vijay Kumar,  Dr Govind Prasad Mishra RUYEPS035 126-129
36 Benefits of yoga for educators and learners at different level of education  –   Dr. Rituraj Trivedi,  Dr. Preeti Rani Mishra RUYEPS036 130-133
37 Need and Importance of Yoga practices for teachers  –  Robin Kumar Singh RUYEPS037 134-135
38 Speed profile of different playing positions of male netball players  –  Dr. Priyanka Singh RUYEPS038 136-139
39 An analysis of reaction ability among football, volleyball and cricket players   –  Deepender Singh RUYEPS039 140-141
40 Relationship of shooter’s Personality & Triguna   –  Akhilesh Singh, Ajay Kumar RUYEPS040 142-146
41 The role of yoga in psychological and emotional Balance -Sunita Jain RUYEPS041 147-149
42 Yoga for Mental Health and Stress Relaxation – Anil Kumar Jharbade RUYEPS042 150-154
43 Importance of Yoga and Sports Nutrition – K L Sonkar RUYEPS043 155-159
44 The Role of Yoga for Coping Anxiety and stress in parents with disabled children   –  ChandraPrabha Pal RUYEPS044 160-162
45 Yoga for Therapuetic Rehabilitation   –  Jigyasa Tiwari RUYEPS045 163-167
46 THE CORE OF YOGA EDUCATION  –  Dr.Kavya Dube,  Dr.Shobha Mishra RUYEPS046 168-170
47 A study of awareness towards benefits of yoga in education in government primary teachers –   Pragya Saxena RUYEPS047 171-172
48 Effect of Yoga on Well-being and Internet addiction  – Manjari Kureel RUYEPS048 173-177