International Conference on

‘Innovations in Commerce and Science’   (ICICS – 2017)

  29th &  30th Nov, 2017 

Nizam College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India





1 In Silico Design of Novel Thiazole Derivatives as Dual COX-2 and sEH Inhibitors –  M. Lakshmi Sucharitha, Laxmaiah Nalamadu, B. Saritha, P. Muralidhar Reddy, Krishnam Raju Atcha ICICS001 1-9
2 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel 7-Aryl-1,2,4-Triazolo(1,5-a)Pyrimidine Derivatives As Anti-fungal Agents – A. K. S. Bhujanga Rao, J. Baloji Naik,  R. Janaki Rama Rao, K. Swapna, B. Saritha, P. Muralidhar Reddy, Krishnam Raju Atcha ICICS002 10-16
3 Correlation analysis in the reactions of benzyl bromide with cyclicamine – S. Ranga Reddy, P. Manikyamba ICICS003 17-19
4 Zeolite Encapsulated Gly-Ni(II)-His Complex : Synthesis and Characterisation – Siram Siddappa, P. Muralidhar Reddy and M. Radhika ICICS004 20-24
5 Pharmacophore based 3D QSAR studies on human PARP-1 inhibitors –

P. Breathing, K. Ashwini, S. Gururaj and S. Sree Kanth

ICICS005 25-30
6 Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological evaluation of Transition Metal Complexes of Amide Coordinating Ligands –  S. Bhaskar, Ch. Santhoshi, Karunakar Dasa, Rohini Rondla, Krishnam Raju Atcha , P. Muralidhar Reddy ICICS006 31-37
7 Synthesis, Spectral Studies and Antibacterial Activities of N,N-bis(o-hydroxybenzaldehyde) phenylenediamine Complexes of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), Copper(II) and Zinc(II) –  A. Sanjeev, B. Rambabu, S. Ranga Reddy, Rohini Rondla, Krishnam Raju Atcha , P. Muralidhar Reddy ICICS007 38-43
8 Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial activity of Cadmium substituted Copper ferrite nanoparticles by Citrate gel method –  Ch. Vinuthna , Raju Sandupatla, R. Madhusudan Raju ICICS008 44-53
9 Innovative Development of e-Commerce in Tourism Industry –  D. Mahija and P. Hima Bindu ICICS009 54-57
10 Methane Hydrate as an unconventional energy source – Gadmur Jayarj Komal ICICS010 58-62
11 Understanding molecular mechanisms and the root cause of diseases through cell signaling –  D. Mahija, G. Raghavendra and P. HimaBindu ICICS011 63-67
12 Viscosity, Surface Tension and Volume Flow Rate of Reconstituted Milk –Mohammed Habib Ali, Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli and Adeel Ahmad ICICS012 68-71
13 Structural studies of lead halo borate glasses using Fourier Transform Infrared spectra –  K. Chandra Sekhar, A. V. Lalitha Phani, Abdul Hameed, N. Narsimlu, M. Narasimha Chary, Md. Shareefuddin ICICS013 72-75
14 EPR and optical studies of SrO-CdO-B2O3 glasses containing Cu2+ ions –P.Sudhakar , B.Srinivas, Abdul Hameed, Md. Shareefuddin, K. Veera Brahmam ICICS014 76-81
15 Differential Scanning Calorimetric (DSC) Study of Ovine Horn –  V. Arun Kumar, Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli and Adeel Ahmad ICICS015 82-84
16 DSC Analysis on Ovine Scapular Cartilage –  R. Gangadhar, Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli and Adeel Ahmad ICICS016 85-87
17 Effect of Ultrasound on Viscosity of Human Blood –  Mohd Abdul Saleem, Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli, Adeel Ahmad ICICS017 88-90
18 SEM analysis on animal hair – Mohammed Ehteshamuddin Aziz,   Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli    Adeel Ahmad ICICS018 91-94
19 Low temperature synthesis of MgO nanoparticles using Mangifera Indica leaf extract –   B. Ajay kumar, G.Raghavendra, Y. Anil Kumar, D. Mahija, T. Sreevani and P. Hima Bindu ICICS019 95-99
20 Linear Mass attenuation coefficient of Ni based alloys at energies 42.0 KeV and 59.54 KeV –    S. Thomas Reddy , Y. Sandeep, J. Laxman Naik  and V. Nathanial, D.V. Krishna Reddy ICICS020 100-105
21 Molecular dynamic studies of Di-peptide interactions with Gold nanoparticles –   G. Raghavendra, D.Mahija and P. Hima Bindu ICICS021 106-110
22 Nanoporous ZnO synthesis at low temperature from eucalyptus globulus extract for antibacterial applications –   D. Mahija, G.Raghavendra, Y. Anil Kumar, B. Ajay kumar, T. Sreevani and P. Hima Bindu ICICS022 111-115
23 Dielectric Studies of Rare-Earth Modified SrBi4Ti4O15 Ceramics  –  G.Rajashekhar, Rizwana, P.Sarah ICICS023 116-118
24 Extraction, estimation and analysis of chlorophyll from medicinal plants –R. Selva Raju ,  P. Sakuntala, Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli ICICS024 119-123
25 Coherence of optical imaging systems with two point objects by apodized illumination –  B. Sambaiah,   D. Karuna Sagar   and   Sd. Khaja Althaf Hussian ICICS025 124-128
26 Optical and EPR studies of Strontium Alumino Borate glasses containing Cu2+ ions –  Mohamad Raheem Ahmed,  Abdul Hameed, B.Srinivas, M.Narsimha chary, Md.Shareefuddin ICICS026 129-132
27 Biopolymer formation with Phosphatidylcholine interaction with salts at different pH values –  T. Sreevani, G. Raghavendra, D Mahija, B. Ajay Kumar and P. Hima Bindu ICICS027 133-135
28 A study on excess permittivity of erythrocytes of patients suffering from renal failure through dielectrodynamic technique –  Ateeba shazi, S. Chandra lingam, Kaleem ahmed jaleeli & Adeel ahmad ICICS028 136-142
29 Strain improvement of conidiobolus coronatus by physical mutagen and chemical mutagens for the production of alkaline protease –  C. Venkatnarayan Reddy, A. Chetana, V. Vijaya Kumar and D. Madhusudan Reddy ICICS029 143-149
30 Effect of   selenium on the total free amino acids content in liver and kidney in wistar rats and ameliorative effect of curcumin co-treatment – Suricuchi Padmaja ICICS030 150-151
31 In silico molecular docking approach for anticancer analysis of bioactive compounds from phyllanthus amarus dimethyl formamide leaf extracts –  Archana Giri, S. S Sravanthi Pammi, M.Vasantha Lakshmi and B.Chakravarthi ICICS031 152-163
32 Preliminary study on physico-chemical parameters of pedda cheruvu, chinnakodur, siddipet dist, Telangana – B.Srishylam and S. Ramesh Babu ICICS032 164-166
33 A study on the morphology of schistosoma spindale as studied under scanning electron microscopy(sem) – Vanita Malewar ICICS033 167-170
34 Genetic Variability for the Phenotypic Traits in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) – Padmaja D,   Shobha Rani, T, Kiran Babu  T and Laxman S ICICS034 171-173
35 Housing for All: An Easy Task – Sayindla Anjaiah, D Narendra Acharyulu ICICS035 174-175
36 Awareness & Perception towards Green Products by Consumers – K.Ashwini, ICICS036 176-180
37 A Cashless Future after Demonetization –  G Devender ICICS037 181-185
38 Women Entrepreneurship – A Study in Karimnagar District Of Telangana – Dr.  Harjoth Kaur, ICICS038 186-189
39 A Study on Hawk Eye- A Technology Initiative of Hyderabad Police – Dr. N. V. Kavitha, Mrs. N. Suma Reddy Ms. Syeda Hafsa Manoor Shah ICICS039 190-196
40 Insurance for People at Bottom of the Pyramid-A study on Micro Insurance – Dr. P Kishan Rao ICICS040 197-202
41 Impact of Brand Innovations on Customer Satisfaction- A Study of Select Banking Branch – Dr. Nazia Sultana ICICS041 203-212
42 Impact of Demonetization on Cashless Economy: Study of Electronic Payment System – Dr. Jasti Ravi Kumar ICICS042 213-218
43 From Conventional Marketing to Emotional Marketing: Towards a paradigm shift in Marketing – Sonakshi Jaiswal ICICS043 219-222
44 Shareholder value creation–A case study of Reliance Communications- Mr. K.Suman, Dr. K.Srinivas ICICS044 223-229
45 Inventions in Technology -Paving a Leading Edge in E-Banking – T.Vijaya ICICS045 230-234
46 Digital Marketing: A New Era of Revolution In Education Sector – Syeda Zehra ICICS046 235-239
47 Selecting the Location of a Retail Outlet –  Dr.C.V.Ranjani, ICICS047 240-242
48 Balanced Score Card for Educational Institutions –  Manikya Veena,  Dr.C.V.Ranjani ICICS048 243-247
49 Sustainable development of Tourism in Telangana  – Aruna Pariti ICICS049 248-254
50 Propagation of waves in micro – isotropic and micro elastic solids – Dr. A.Chandulal ICICS050 255-259
51 Passive control of nanoparticles in Stagnation point flow of Carreaunanofluid flow over an exponentially stretching surface –  Ch. Kishore Kumar, B. Shankar, B. Prabhakar ICICS051 260-267
52 A Common Fixed Point Theorem On G-Metric Space Using Semi-Compatible Mappings – B.Mallesh, V.Srinivas ICICS052 268-273
53 On Odd Perfect Numbers – Uma Dixit ICICS053 274-278
54 A study on innovative approach to mathematics and its impact on students in medak district of Telangana state – Karrolla Devaiah ICICS054 279-282
55 A Common Fixed Point Theorem Using Compatible   Mappings of Type (K) –  Ravi Sriramula, V.Srinivas ICICS055 283-287
56 Finite Element Solutions Of Mhd Jeffrey Fluid Flow Past A Vertically Inclined Porous Plate In Presence Of Slip, Chemical Reaction, Heat And Mass Transfer Effects – Malleshwari, Sharada ICICS056 288-295
57 MHD Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid over Inclined Stretching Sheet with effect of Viscous Dissipation –  Chenna.Sumalatha, Shankar Bandari, T.Srinivasulu ICICS057 296-301
58 Role of Nanotechnology in environmental impacts of Tourism in Indian States and its effects on trade and commerce –  D. Mahija,  T. Sreevani and P. Hima Bindu ICICS058 302-306