National Conference on

Sustainable Development and Social Innovation in Business

31st  January, 2020

Lady Doak College (Autonomous), Madurai – 2, Tamil Nadu, India



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a. About the College & Department 3
b. About the Conference 3
c. Editorial Message 4
d. Conference Committee 5
e. About Key Note Speaker   6
f. Table of Contents 8
1.        Consumer Satisfaction on Digital Payment: An integrative Conceptual Framework adopting Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT) and SERQUAL  –   Anand Soni,  Dr. Harris Saseendran, Dr. Sonia Selwin NCSD001 11-16
2.        Role of Management Studies in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study  –  Sangeeta Mehrolia ,  Joel Gnanapragash T,  Subburaj A. NCSD002 17-24
3.        Towards Developmental Thinking on Social Innovation: A Conceptual Study  –  Dr. Karpagavalli.G. NCSD003 25-29
4.        A Role of Employee Relationship In Green Human Resource Management  –  Dr. Hannah Sharon,    Mrs. V. Archana NCSD004 30-33
5.        Indian Banking Industry: A Decade of Digital Excellence  –  Dr.Meenakshisundaram,  &  R. Uppily NCSD005 34-37
6.        Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Among Bank Employees In Madurai District :  An Empirical Study  –  M. Abarna Thevi, Dr. D.Jeba Priya NCSD006 38-42
7.        The challenges of innovating for sustainable development   –  Dr. S. Beulah Mabel NCSD007 43-46
8.        Go Green And Stay Sustainable- Recent Green Marketing Trends In India   –  Dr.Hannah Sharon, & Mrs. Preena Pradeep NCSD008 47-50
9.        Impact of attitude on work-life balance  –  Mr.P. Thangamuthu,   Dr.M. Ramkumar NCSD009 51-54
10.    A study on consumers’ perception towards e-tailing  (with special reference to women in Madurai)  –   R.Deepa,  Ms.S. Kathija, Ms.P. Gajalakshmi NCSD010 55-59
11.    A study on factors affecting happiness index among LIC agents in Madurai region  –  Ms. R. P. Malin  &  Dr.  C . Kavitha NCSD011 60-63
12.    The use of social media for sustainable learning among employees   – Ms. Kajal j. Mehta,   Dr.Srii Latha S. NCSD012 64-69
13.    Women empowerment through Kudumbashree projects: A Kerala model   – Ms. Nisha Ann Jacob NCSD013 70-74
14.    Role of rural consumer in India  –  P. Jenith Lenitha,  Dr. Rajee NCSD014 75-77
15.    Green HRM practices for organisational and environmental sustainability  –  Ishwariya . D. NCSD015 78-81
16.    Corporate social responsibility and shared value of companies    –      Dr. M.Sivakumar,  Mrs Anupriya NCSD016 82-84
17.    A study on legal version and marketing strategy of products produced by women entrepreneurs -with special reference to mobility shops in Madurai city   –  Mrs.K.Vijayalakshmi,  Dr. T.Meharajan NCSD017 85-89
18.    Sustainable development of consumer behavior on green marketing in India  – Dr. A.Shajitha NCSD018 90-92
19.    Fostering improvement towards start up in India  –  Dr. S. Usha,  Ms. M. Theva Rani NCSD019 93-96
20.    CSR: An Emerging Trend Among Legal Firms –  R. Sumonthini Prathipa, Dr. S.Hannah Sharon NCSD020 97-99
21.    Business Development Services and challenges of Rural women Entrepreneurs : A Diagnostic Study  –  Elamathi NCSD021 100-104
22.    Big Data Analytics :  A Review of Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare Industry  –  Prateek Kaushal, Vasundhra, Gaganjot Kaur NCSD022 105-110
23.    A Study of Retention Strategies For Sustainable Growth In Indian Healthcare Industry  –  Shivi Tyagi, Dr. Preethi, Gaganjot Kaur NCSD023 111-116
24.    A Review of Marketing Analytics, Business Intelligence and Automation in Healthcare Industry   – Vandana Kaur, Dr.Preethi, Gaganjot Kaur NCSD024 117-123
25.    A Review on Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry  –  Vidyarati Chanu, Deeksha Garg, Gaganjot Kaur NCSD025 124-129
26.    A Study on Sustainable Talent Management And Acquisition  –   Mrs.S.M.Nilofer Fathima,      Mrs.T.Sownthariya,     Dr.C. Muthuvelayutham NCSD026 130-132
27.    Employee Retention In Dynamic Environment  –  S.Sivaranjani NCSD027 133-135
28.    Motivating Factors To Opt For E-Retailing  –        Miss. K. Meena,  Dr. N. Rajalingam NCSD028 136-138
29.    Family and Work related Factors Contributing to Work Life Balance of Women Police Constables in Sankarankovil Sub – Division.  –  Dr.Sangeetha.R,   Balasaraswathi.S NCSD029 139-142
30.    Educational Institutions’ Contribution to conserve and sustainable Development of the Environment     –      Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi,      Dr. R. Rajesh Ramkumar NCSD030 143-145
31.    Social Innovations In Business : A Special Reference To Indian Context   –   P. Geetha NCSD031 146-150
32.    A Review: Importance of Digital Reinvention For The Modern Business   – Vasundhra, Prateek Kaushal,  Gaganjot Kaur NCSD032 151-155
33.    A Review On Quality Control Management In Healthcare Industry   –  Karan Kaushik, Dr.Preethi,  Gaganjot Kaur NCSD033 156-160
34.    Sustainable Quality Enhancement In Higher Education: The Way Ahead  –  Dr. Uma Nagarajan NCSD034 161-164
35.    Effect of Brand Consciousness of Women Towards Buying Behaviour of Personal Care Products   –  Dr.R. Sundari NCSD035 165-170
36.    Sustainable Strategic Development of Sugarcane Juice Producing Women Entrepreneurs In And Around Vilakuthoon, Madurai   –     Mrs. N. Stella,  Dr.  Sangeetha NCSD036 171-174
37.    Factors Influencing Consumers’ Buying Behavior Towards Cosmetic Products  –  Dr. Sangeetha,  Dr. Jeya Geetha NCSD037 175-178
38.    Changing Lifestyles and Consumption patterns: A Scenario Analysis for India and Singapore   –  V. Rajalakshmi,  Dr. R. Christina Jeya Nithila,  Dr. R. Jeyakoodeswari, NCSD038 179-182
39.    A Study on Issues and Challenges of Financial Inclusion in India   –   Dr. Subba Rayudu Thunga,  Lavanya P. B. NCSD039 183-186
40.    Psychological Aspects of Decision Making In Capital Markets  –  Bham Bham Babu NCSD040 187-191
41.    Study on Sustainable Supply chain Implementation in Business Organisations  –  Mr. Vinoth Kumar V.,   Dr.C.Muthuvelayutham NCSD041 192-196
42.    Lifestyle of Women College Educators and its impact on their Career Development  –  V. Rajalakshmi, Dr. R. Christina Jeya Nithila, NCSD042 197-199
43.    The influence of organizational environment On personality development and Employee well being   – Mr. Chrislee Livingston, Ms. Pavithra C Shekar NCSD043 200-205
44.    Behavioural Bias among fireworks manufactures in Sivakasi   –  S. Anbu Selvi NCSD044 206-210
45.    The Changing Role of HR in Sustainable Business Development  – Vidhya Lakshmi R. NCSD045 211-213
46.    Profession Direction : A Human Resource Practice   –  Dr. Cynthia Menezes Prabhu NCSD046 214-216
47.    Ethics in Business (A Key Factor) Leads to Sustainable Business Development – Hardeep Singh,  Bikram Pal Singh NCSD047 217-224
48.    Negligence in Understanding the Seriousness of practising Green Marketing will cost us dearer than we expect   –  Theertha Prasad K. NCSD048 225-228
49.    Significance Of TIIC In Business Enterprises From Micro To Large –  Dr. S.Vijaya Prasanna Devi NCSD049 229-230
50.    A Study on Microfinance Schemes For Development Of Women Entrepreneurs  – Dr. A. Kavitha,   D.Sathyakala NCSD050 231-235
51.    The Role Of Community Radio In Grassroots Development – Opportunities And Challenges – Ms. Sharmila Christy S., Ms. Archana. N. NCSD051 236-240