Multidisciplinary National Seminar on
Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges
17 th February, 2018 

Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce (University of Mumbai)





1 Impact of Kudumbasree Programme on Women Empowerment: A Study in Ernakulam District –   Dr.Sumi Nijith SDIC001 1-5
2 Environmental Accounting: Need of Hour for Sustainable Development-    Dr.Mukesh Chauhan SDIC002 6-15
3 A Critical Review of Sustainable Eco Tourism Services in Himachal Pradesh  –   Dr. Sarvesh Kumar SDIC003 16-25
4 Impact of Migration on Sustainable Urban Development – Dr.(Mrs.)Vaidehi Daptardar and Mr. Sudhakar R. Iyer SDIC004 26-29
5 ICT Towards Sustainable Development-Teaching & Learning in Higher Education –    Ms. Shaheda Sheikh SDIC005 30-33
6 Smart Cities – the Drivers of Economic Growth & Sustainable Development –   CA.(Ms.) Soumya Nichani SDIC006 34-42
7 A Study on the Preference of People towards Using Public Transport in Mumbai With Respect To Chembur Area –   Mrs. Naveena Suresh SDIC007 43-47
8 Comparative Analysis of Liquidity and Profitability within the Company and Industry: An Evidence from Indian Hotel Industry  –  Mr. Mangesh M. Nigudkar SDIC008 48-52
9 Role of Sustainable Development in Environmental Jurisprudence   –   Dr. Bindu Variath SDIC009 53-56
10 To Study the Issue of Social Inclusion & Social Exclusion among Indian Tribes  –   Ms. Vandana Solanki SDIC010 57-59
11 The Smart Cities: The Paradigm Shift for Modern Urbanization – Dr. Rita Khatri SDIC011 60-64
12 Analysis of Price Fluctuation of Exported Animal Products by India using Paasche Price Index –   Dr. Devdatta Gopal Lad SDIC012 65-67
13 Impact of Environmental Auditing in Building Sustainable Eco-systems  – Dr. Jaya Prem Manglani SDIC013 68-73
14 The Study on Govardhan Eco Village  – Ms. Rachana Mehta SDIC014 74-77
15 Rural Tourism in Bringing Sustainability –  Ms. Jigna Gada SDIC015 78-83
16 Marketing Mix in Organic Farming for Sustainable Development  –   Mr.Abhishek R Parkar SDIC016 84-87
17 Investor’s Preference towards Mutual Fund in Current Scenario  – Prof Asif Akhtar Baig SDIC017 88-91
18 Corporate Social Responsibility: an Indian Perspective-Iyer Parmeswaran V SDIC018 92-95
19 Stabilizing Agricultural Prices  –   Dr. Sameer G. Thakur SDIC019 96-98
20 Corporate Social Responsibility in Women Entrepreneurship: A Corporate Strategy to Advance Gender Justice  –  Thushara Ullas SDIC020 99-102
21 Mumbai’s Major Environmental Concerns & Their Possible Solutions  –  Vikas Dayashankar Singh SDIC021 103-107
22 Empower Women to Bring Developmental Revolution -Prabhjot Kaur SDIC022 108-114
23 Corporate Capitalism: A Challenges before Sustainable Human Development –  Prof. Shelke Suryakant Laxmanrao SDIC023 115-118
24 Sustainable Development & Role of Judiciary: an Indian Perspective-Devidas Shinde SDIC024 119-123
25 Higher Education & Skill Development Towards a Brave New World of Higher Education: Digital Natives  –  Mr.Chandrashekhar K. Ghogare SDIC025 124-128
26 Socio-Economic Impact of Short Term Skill and EDP Programs on Women SHG Members from Mumbai District -Royal Dsouza SDIC026  


27 Role of E-Governance in Achieving Sustainable Development and Integrated Policy Making of Smart Cities –  Dr.Rani Tyagi SDIC027 135-138
28 Changing Human Resource Management Scenario in the Indian Public Sector Banks: A Post Reform Study  – Ms. Jayasree Venkitachalam SDIC028 139-143
29 Is India on the Path of Sustainable Development? – Dr.Vaidehi Daptardar and Balachandra G. Shetty SDIC029 144-148
30 Socio Economic and Environmental Impact of Eco-tourism with Special Reference to Konkan –  Prof (Dr.) Vishwas B. Chavan SDIC030 149-152
31 Indian Women in Sustainable Development – Mr. Steven Lobo SDIC031 153-156
32 A Study on Development through Women Entrepreneurship in India –  Trupti Nagadiya and Sunil Ratakar Sonawane SDIC032 157-161
33 Impact of Education on Women Empowerment in India -Karishma Malhotra SDIC033 162-165
34 Extraordinary Skills Required in Today’s Youth for Development of the Nation  – Dr. Neha Sanjay Jagtiani SDIC034 166-168
35 Study of Relationship between E-waste and Economic Benefit in Mumbai  – Surekha Shetty and Kiran Gajjar SDIC035 169-175
36 The impact of Sustainable Human Resource Management and Role of HR in Achieving a Sustainable Culture –  Ms. Rishita Shukla and Ms. Swati A.Manjrekar SDIC036 176-181
37 A Study on Green Banking in Mumbai City -Anjali Sadashivan SDIC037 182-185
38 Importance of Hazardous Waste Management –  Mr. Prasad Suresh Jagdale SDIC038 186-190
39 Engineering the Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs) in India   –   Adithya Anil Variath SDIC039 191-195
40 Study on E-waste Management  –   Ms. Sana Asar and Ms. Saraswati Nadi SDIC040 196-201
41 Corporate Social Responsibility – A Gateway for Economic Development –   Mahtab Khan and Mehjabeen  Khan SDIC041 202-205
42 Sustainable Management Practices in select Automobile Companies-    Trinita Pinto SDIC042 206-208
43 Analysis of Role of Government in Development of Renewable Energy Resources in India  –    Bhakti Padmakar Mhaskar SDIC043 209-212