Volume: 1 | Issue: 7 | Published in : Sept – 2017

Paper Received: 185, Paper Accepted: 62,  Paper Published: 60

201709001 The Role of Digital technologies in teaching and learning of English Language –  Miss.Surekha Girdharilal  Jadhav, Dr. Mehrunnisa S. Pathan, adobe-pdf-icon 1-4


201709002 Factors Affecting Customers’ Satisfaction in the Environment of Online ShoppingParveen Kumar Garg, Dr.Sunita Sukhija adobe-pdf-icon 5-9 
201709003 Working women facing social problems in the global eraDr Ramnik Kaur adobe-pdf-icon 10-12
201709004 Media Literacy and Indigenous Knowledge System of Tharu Community in BiharKumari Pallavi adobe-pdf-icon 13-19
201709005 A study of vocational maturity of secondary school studentsSundeep Pandey, Dr. (Smt.) Bheema Manral adobe-pdf-icon 20-24
201709006 Effect of circuit training and plyometric training on strength endurance of college men volleyball playersJavaid Ahmad Sheikh,  Zahoor Ul Gani, Khursheed Ahmad Naikoo, & Zahoor Ahmad Bhat adobe-pdf-icon 25-27
201709007 Cytokeratin -19 Expression in normal oral mucosal tissue, oral sub mucous fibrosis and oral squamous cell carcinoma-An immunohistochemical studyDr Shan Nawaz Malik – Dr Zankana Vyas, Dr Vishnudas Dinesh Prabhu, Dr Hemanth kotari, Dr Mariyam shahina K E adobe-pdf-icon 28-32
201709008 Impact of GST on Seven Selected Sectorial Indices of BSEDr. Alice Mani, Abhishek Singh, Chinmayi C.V adobe-pdf-icon 33-37
201709009 A Measurable Review of Higher Education Establishments in IndiaDr.Hemant Bhanawat adobe-pdf-icon 38-42
201709010 Administration of Working Capital in Cement IndustriesDr.Hemant Bhanawat adobe-pdf-icon 43-47
201709011 Role of Yoga in Understanding the Self Ms. Reetu Sharma adobe-pdf-icon 48-49
201709012 Ethnomycological Studies of Mushrooms in Kamrup District of Assam, India –   Dr. Karabi Devi adobe-pdf-icon 0-56
201709013 A Study on Impact of Social Background to Rural EntrepreneurshipDR. MEERA.H.N. adobe-pdf-icon 57-62
201709014 Folk and tribal foods: Possibilities of marketing and patent issuesDr. Basappa Y. Bangari adobe-pdf-icon 63-65
201709015 Quilt production and marketing strategies in urban sectorsDr. Basappa Y. Bangari adobe-pdf-icon 66-68
201709016 A Comparative and Comprehensive Analysis of Two Wheeler Suspension System –  Mr. Divyarajsinh Rathod adobe-pdf-icon 69-73
201709017 Design of Non optical Carrier Single Sideband and Wavelength Reused DWDM-PON with Wired/Wireless Services Incorporating OFDM –  Daljeet Kaur,  Harmanjot Singh adobe-pdf-icon 74-81
201709018 Growth of Public Relations Industry in India and its importance in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) process –  Arvind Kumar adobe-pdf-icon 82-86
201709019 The comparative Study on the Cultural Change in Behaviour of Teenage Consumers after Globalisation in Malaysia and India –  B.Leelesh Sundaram, Siddhi.S adobe-pdf-icon 87-92
201709020 Sexual Orientation Budgeting in India: An EvaluationDr.Hemant Bhanawat adobe-pdf-icon 93-98
201709021 Case study approach in qualitative research –  Dr.Soumya Kanti Sinha adobe-pdf-icon 99-103
201709022 The theory of Abhasa – a different way of interpretation of Advaita Vedanta –  Dr.Soumya Kanti Sinha adobe-pdf-icon 104-107
201709023 Emerging   trends in technology that has redefined the ways of conducting business and reshaped the corporates towards sustainable future –  Dr. Nidhi Sharma,  Ms. Harshdeep Kaur adobe-pdf-icon 108-111
201709024 Financial Performance of Indian Cement Industry: Study of Selected Units –  Dr.Hemant Bhanawat adobe-pdf-icon 112-116
201709025 Village level mass multiplication of biopesticides and their delivery: A review –  A. J. Deshmukh,  V.P.Prajapati  and Priya John adobe-pdf-icon 117-121
201709026 Employment Generation and Development Strategy during the   Pre and Post Globalisation Period in India:  Major Schemes Overview –   Nida Fatima adobe-pdf-icon 122-129
201709027 New perception of space as an opportunity to preserve the history and culture of a particular place- a spatial turn in research devoted to Chile Karolina Baraniak adobe-pdf-icon 130-135
201709028 Anxiety, stress and depression of doctors across gender and experience status Sakshi kochhar,   Dr. C. P. Khokhar adobe-pdf-icon 136-139
201709029 Measuring the relationship between market price and per share values: A case studyDr.S.Sivakumar, Bitto Benny, Bharath Kumar G S adobe-pdf-icon 140-145
201709030 Impact of implementation GST on Common man & Indian economy: Positive or Negative – Vinod Kumar adobe-pdf-icon 146-150
201709031 Optimization of Thermal-Hydraulic Efficiency of Solar Air Heater with Roughened Absorber Plate by CFDNirav Bhavsar,   Professor. Surendra Agrawal adobe-pdf-icon 151-157
201709032 Wasting harvest and worsening food security in IndiaAneesh K. A adobe-pdf-icon 158-164
201709033 A study of the curiosity level of girls and boys of primary school having EDUSAT – Geeta Devi, adobe-pdf-icon 165-169
201709034 A study on the change in human values in the digital age as shown in south Indian filmsRashmi Raja V.R., Dr.C.Velayutham, adobe-pdf-icon 170-176
201709035 Export Mineral Economics of Indian Sandstone Sandesh Rajpurohit, Arun Kumar Shandilya, adobe-pdf-icon 177-180
201709036 A study on dynamics of export earnings of engineering goods exports in India –  Dr.S. Karpagalakshmi,  Dr. A.Muthusamy adobe-pdf-icon 181-184
201709037 Role of ICT as a Teaching – Learning Material (TLM) in the field of education Nurul Hoda,  Nargish Bano adobe-pdf-icon 185-188
201709038 The Problem of Suicide : “Man against Himself’’ –  Reena Sahota adobe-pdf-icon 189-192
201709039 Impact of employee participation in creating value in higher education sector: role of SDL –  Dr. Rupa Mahajan adobe-pdf-icon 193-199
201709040 Changing Nature of Indian Agricultural Market and the Need of Well Managed Supply Chain –   Manas Kumar Pedi adobe-pdf-icon 200-204
201709041 An Overview of Human Resource Manager’s Role in Vigorous Corporate SettingsProf. (Dr.) Rajesh K. Yadav, Nishant Dabhade adobe-pdf-icon 205-209
201709042 Gamma rays and EMS induced chromosomal abnormalities and pollen fertility in Brassica campestris (L.) genotypes –  Gopal Krishna Shukla adobe-pdf-icon 210-214
201709043 Supply chain management strategies for competitive advantage – Some insights for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Srinivasa Raju Gannavarapu adobe-pdf-icon 215-220
201709044 A Study on Brand Awareness and Consumers’ Buying Decision with reference to Fast Food Products of Domino’s PizzaMr. Ruhit Kemprai,  Dr. Ayekpam Ibemcha Chanu adobe-pdf-icon 221-225
201709045 Self-esteem as the predictor of Imposter Phenomenon among the students of Himachal Pradesh UniversityDr. Romesh Chand, Ajay Kumar adobe-pdf-icon 226-230
201709046 Securing the marine wealth through sanctifying the sea: A reading of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai’s CHEMMEEN – Diana Joe K,   Dr. Joy Jacob adobe-pdf-icon 231-234
201709047 Stress, Resilience and Life Satisfaction among widows in KashmirTabasum Farooq adobe-pdf-icon 235-238
201709048 Deteriorating impact of Environment on south Asian Nationskalpana singh adobe-pdf-icon 239-242
201709049 Study of Frustration Tolerance among Senior Secondary School StudentsPoonam Yadav adobe-pdf-icon 243-246
201709050 English language: communication skills, Effective and professional English learning and grammar obstruction among Indian depressed class youthPuliganti Venu Gopal adobe-pdf-icon 247-252
201709051 Shaiva  symbols on Punch-Marked CoinsDr. Kanhaiya singh adobe-pdf-icon 253-255
201709052 A Comparative Study of Values among Private and Government School StudentsDeepika adobe-pdf-icon 256-260
201709053 A study on Landslides in Himalayan MountainsDr. Neeru Yadav adobe-pdf-icon 261-264
201709054 Development and Enlargement of E-Commerce in Indian Perspective –  Om Prakash Dadhich, Dr Ashok Jetawat adobe-pdf-icon 265-269
 201709055 Error Free English: Common Grammar MistakesJyothi Masuram adobe-pdf-icon 270-276 
 201709056 Effect of Gender on learning styles of Disabled Students –  Surender Kumar, Dr. (Mrs.) Monika Sood adobe-pdf-icon 277-279 
201709057 Bhitarkanika Mangrove Forest: A Potential Sink of CarbonKakoli Banerjee, Sangita Agarwal, Nabonita Pal and Abhijit Mitra adobe-pdf-icon 280-286
201709058 A Comparative Study of Implementation of Work Education at Upper Primary Stage in Kendriya Vidyalayas and Privately Managed Schools in Bareilly Division –  Dr. Pratibha Rastogi adobe-pdf-icon 287-293
201709059 Deciphering Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s views on Tribal Development: Retrospect and ProspectD.Harshavardhan adobe-pdf-icon 294-300
201709060 Access of Women to Education in Rural India   – Hasina Jabeen,   Gh Mohd Mir adobe-pdf-icon 301-304